Buying a lift system for kitchens, cooking islands and kitchen cabinets

Buy the right lift system for kitchens and cooking islands now. With our solutions, you can electrically adjust the position of kitchens, kitchen units and kitchen cabinets. With a lift system for kitchen cabinets or wall units, you can lower wall-mounted wall units in your kitchen electrically.

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Here we show you solutions that allow you to adjust the height of your kitchen or cooking island electrically with a lift system.

1. Using an electric lift system for a kitchen

With an electric lift system, you can conveniently adjust the height of your kitchen electrically. This allows you to stand ergonomically while working in the kitchen or cooking and protects your back by eliminating the need to bend forwards. You stand better and your back is relieved. The Linak kitchen lifting system is a great solution. With the kitchen lifting system, which is designed to raise the kitchen, you can lift the kitchen worktop together with the entire kitchen. It is installed invisibly in the base of the kitchen. The kitchen lifting system from Linak is very flat and fits into any kitchen plinth. With a height of just 10 cm (100 mm), the kitchen lifting system adds very little weight. Depending on the size and weight of the kitchen, you can choose between several kitchen lift sets. The kitchen lift system is then screwed to the floor under the kitchen using Linak Baselift floor fixings / mounting plates. The base of the kitchen must be planned as a double base. This has the advantage that the drives are not visible even when extended. The second plinth then conceals the view into the kitchen plinth in the sandwich. Specially available Linak Baselift plinth mounting clips can be used to attach or clip the plinth to the Linak kitchen lift. The plinth can then be easily removed again using the clip.

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2. Using the kitchen lift system under a kitchen island of any size and weight

Installation in the plinth of a cooking island As with the normal kitchen mentioned above, the lift system for the cooking island can also be installed in the plinth of the island. The procedure is the same as described above. Check the weight of the cooking island and then determine the appropriate set using the lifting force information within the respective product details for the cooking island lift system. If you need our support with this, we will be happy to assist you by phone, e-mail or online meeting. In the product details, you will also find installation suggestions on how best to set up the cooking island lift system under the island. The plinth of the cooking island should also be designed as a double plinth for visual reasons. This will also prevent you from looking under the raised cooking island. With the Linak Baselift mounting bracket accessories, you can very easily attach the cooking island lift system to the floor. You can attach the plinth itself to the lifting system using the plinth clips. The plinth then moves up and down with it.

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Here you can find out how to operate a lift system for kitchens and cooking islands using a remote control or app

The kitchen lift system can be operated using a handset attached to the side of the kitchen. Simply press the arrows to move the kitchen or cooking island up or down to the respective end position. The whole thing is stepless. However, it is also possible to set specific heights within the movement radius. For example, you can move directly to a precisely defined working height. Programming is carried out using the Linak software and the programming cable. It is also possible to operate the cooking island with a control app.

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Here you can find out how to electrically lower a wall-mounted cupboard in the kitchen

In barrier-free kitchens, it is now even possible to lower wall units electrically. To do this, you must consider the total weight of the wall cupboard in advance, including the expected load (crockery and other equipment). For safety reasons, the load capacity should always be defined with an upward buffer. It is also important to know how far down the wall-mounted kitchen cabinet should travel. The lift for the kitchen cabinet should always be ideally dimensioned in terms of the stroke. The kitchen cabinet lift system can then be attached to the kitchen ceiling or directly behind the kitchen cabinet by the kitchen builder. There are special wall brackets that make it possible to place the kitchen cabinet lift system directly behind the cabinet. Operating the cabinet lift system using a Bluetooth remote control or smartphone app You can operate the kitchen cabinet lift system using the Linak Bluetooth remote control, a wired handset or a comfort handset. As with the kitchen lift systems, free programming of the end points within the travel path is very easy to realise.

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Questions and answers about lift systems for kitchens, cooking islands and kitchen cabinets

How many lift units do I need for small kitchens? => For small kitchens or cooking islands, we recommend the kitchen lift system set of 4. This should ideally equip your small kitchen or cooking island.
How many lifting system units do I need for larger kitchens or cooking islands?=If you have a medium to large kitchen or cooking island, we recommend at least the set of 6. If the set of 6 is too small because the kitchen or cooking island is too heavy, we definitely recommend the kitchen lift set with 8 drives.
What if the total force of the largest kitchen lift system is not sufficient?=If the lifting power of the kitchen lift system is not sufficient for 8 drives, we can configure a lift set customised to your kitchen. It is possible to use up to 16 drives at the same time. You can also buy 2 sets of 6 or 2 sets of 8 and then connect the controls to each other using multi-parallel cables. You will need 2 additional multi-parallel cables in addition to the sets. We will be happy to help you with the purchase.
Is it easy for an inexperienced person to programme the possible end points?=> Programming the possible end points is very easy to realise. You can find more information on operating and programming the lift system for cooking islands here.
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