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Electric height adjustable desk

Here in this blog post we inform you about electric height adjustable desks and their advantages, benefits and application examples. To date, the Stiftung Warentest or Öko Test, has not yet published an electric height adjustable desk frame test. However, this article is constantly maintained by our specialists and kept up to date. If Stiftung Warentest or Öko Test publishes a test report on Linak's height-adjustable desk frame, we will report on it here. Lineardirect has been a specialist in electric height-adjustable desks for more than 17 years. Lineardirect has specialized in electric desk frames from the LINAK Group of Denmark since 2006 and has successfully completed more than 20,000 projects worldwide using Linak products. If you have any specific questions about LINAK electric height adjustable desks, we look forward to hearing from you. We will be happy to advise you in detail on this topic.

Update 09.01.2023

Very positive customer use-long term reports about the electric height adjustable desk from Linak

Between the years 2022/2023, we conducted a survey of customers who purchased the Linak Desk Frame 2 electric height adjustable desk from us. In this survey, we received consistently very good feedback and ratings for the Linak Desk Frame 2. Among the feedback were not only private customers, but also district offices, universities, technical colleges and industrial companies, as well as various law firms and agencies. Some of these institutions have been using the electric height-adjustable desk frame purchased from us for more than 12 months and have so far been very satisfied with the product and its convenient operation. They are in continuous use there every day and are moved up and down between 2x and 6x per hour.

5-year warranty for Linak's electric height-adjustable desk frame

All customers reported that up to now no complications or desk failures worth mentioning had occurred. These statements confirm exactly why Linak guarantees the Linak Desk Frame 2 for 5 years from the date of purchase! The Linak quality promise in words: Actuator solutions with a 5 year warranty! The LINAK quality promise: We settle for nothing less than perfection - and so should you. As an expression of our confidence, we give a 5-year warranty on all DESKLINE ® products used in office desks and workbenches - to name just a few applications. This means that for a period of 60 months from manufacture, LINAK guarantees DESKLINE products to be in accordance with written specifications and to be free from defects in materials and workmanship during use and maintenance. However, you will probably never find yourself in a situation where you would need to invoke the warranty. Every LINAK product is rigorously tested and our DPPM (defective parts per million) value is exceptionally low. This is a natural result of the fact that we only use high quality components and have first class production facilities operated by competent and experienced staff. In other words, we give a 5-year warranty as standard - but expect that your LINAK solution or system will easily exceed this mark.

The LINAK Desk Frame 2. The electric height adjustable desk. Fast and intuitive set-up. Best quality:

Update 05.09.2022

Self-sufficient, powerless operation of an electrically height-adjustable desk thanks to the Linak battery box

A real revolution in the field of electric height-adjustable desk frames is the mains-free, voltage-free operation, in places and areas where there is no power outlet or voltage supply. For example, with the Linak battery box you can set up and use the Linak desk frame in the garden or on the terrace. You can use the desk stand in the camper, away from urban areas and also then work remotely from any point. The Linak battery box makes it possible. One battery charge is enough to run Linak's height-adjustable desk for several weeks without recharging.

Update 29.08.2022

Before we go into more detail about the height adjustable desk, we would like to inform you about the manufacturer of this high quality electric height adjustable desk.

There are many suppliers of electric height-adjustable desk systems. There is also a lot of talk, listing and testing on the web. Since this is a fairly young market, many users are not quite clear which electric desk frames are best to buy. One has made so far no experience with this topic. This should change now with this. We'll explain exactly who the manufacturer of our height-adjustable desk is and, further down in the text, what the unique selling points of the Linak Desk Frame 2 are compared to its market competitors.

The manufacturer of the Desk Frame 2

The manufacturer of the Desk Frame 2 is the company Linak from Denmark. Linak is the world leader in electric height adjustable desks with a turnover of over €700 million and is the first choice of many of the world's leading office furniture manufacturers. Linak has several manufacturing plants for electric desk legs and electric height-adjustable desk frames in the USA, Europe and the Far East. Linak itself does not sell to end customers, only to the manufacturing furniture industry and OEM's. Linak does not serve end customers. Electric table frames from Linak are used in offices all over the world.

The Linak company headquarters in Nordborg / Denmark


Especially for the US market and its rapidly growing office space needs, Linak invented the Kick and Klick series. In the Kick'n klick series, there is the Desk Frame 2, which was actually designed only for the US American market. However, it has suddenly become apparent that the Desk Frame 2 is the ideal electric height adjustable desk frame not only for office furniture outfitters. In office furniture setup, things have to happen quickly. You can't get hung up on little things like bolting and assembly. That's why Linak invented the Kick'n klick. Due to the simplicity of the assembly, the demand increased immensely and so Linak decided to include the Desk Frame 2 in the program also in Europe and the rest of the world. Mind you that Linak only sells to industrial manufacturers (furniture manufacturing industry).

As an industrial manufacturer, does Linak sell to end customers? No. But you still have the possibility to purchase the high quality Linak Desk Frame as an end customer!

Linak itself does not serve end customers. However, since Lineardirect has been a Linak industrial customer for a long time, Lineardirect has decided to offer you as an end customer directly the well-known Linak quality. Lineardirect sells directly via online store to end customers all over the world, starting from lot size one! So you too have the opportunity to buy the Linak Desk Frame 2 at a very interesting price. Convert your existing rigid desk to an electric height adjustable desk. The Linak Desk Frame 2 makes it possible for you to convert your existing desk to electric height adjustable in just a few steps!

Update 19.07.2022

Height adjustable desk from Linak receives very good ratings in the RTL comparison test and at Experten-Testen, the independent test platform for technical products

The electric height-adjustable desk from Linak, which is available at Lineardirect, has received the rating VERY GOOD with a score of 1.02 in the test for height-adjustable desks by Experten-Testen. Here, the electric height-adjustable desk has finished as the comparison winner, with a top score, in the RTL comparison test against 12 other competitors. The points were clear in the comparison test for height-adjustable desks: simple and intuitive design, intuitive and convenient app operation (the app is available free of charge). Other points included the 160 kg load capacity and lifting power, the 5-year warranty and the TÜV-tested safety. The high manufacturing quality, as well as the convenient operation with the top control panel Linak DPG1C. The Linak Desk Frame 2 from Lineardirect also received a VERY GOOD rating from the Experten Testen comparison website. In purely numerical terms, it also scored 1.02. Our height-adjustable desk also scored points here with its 5-year warranty, very high load-bearing capacity of 160 kg and intuitive operability via app.

Blogger and Influencer Florian Siegel from Timbertime.de posts a clear review about the test winner, the electric height adjustable desk frame from Linak and comments on the construction and product quality and on the stability

The wood and furniture blogger Florian Siegel from the website TimberTime.de, writes a very nice and detailed review on how to build your own electric height adjustable walking desk, or retrofit or convert your existing desk into an electric height adjustable desk. For this purpose, he used the Linak Desk Frame 2, the height-adjustable desk from Lineardirect. Among other things, Florian discusses the structure and operation of the height-adjustable desk. Furthermore Florian shows how to connect the cables and how the easy operation is done. Click here for the article

Test and top marks for the Linak Desk Frame 2 at Cylex and Google Places

In addition to the RTL test reports and the comparison tests from Experten-Testen.de, we also received various customer reviews and test reports, which achieved excellent scores in the 5-star range. On Google Places alone, for example, we have received 9 x 5-star ratings from buyers of height-adjustable desks. Our customers are thrilled across the board with the simple setup and smart operation. On Cylex, we have also received various excellent 5 star customer reviews for the electric height adjustable desk frame.

Update 11.07.2022

Linak Desk Frame rollable

The Linak Desk Frame 2, can also be used on site with furniture casters, in which you simply use furniture casters with attached M6 thread instead of the adjusters. At the bottom of the runners there are M6 holes for the fine adjustment of the runners to align the Desk Frame. This is exactly where you can screw on the furniture casters. Just leave out the adjusters and use the space for casters. This makes your electric desk frame rollable and you can more quickly change the position of the desk within the office, or home.

Skid lengths 560 mm and 710 mm

As you have probably already seen, there are two different skid lengths for the Desk Frame 2. We recommend the 560 mm runners for desktops with a maximum depth of 700 mm - 800 mm. If your desk top is larger than 800 mm, then please use the 710 mm runners. With the 710 mm runners, you will definitely get a safe stand with larger table tops. For example, if you want to place a 3D printer or other unit on the desk, we recommend using the 710 mm runner version directly for even more stability.

Important information regarding Desk Frame 2 runners

Due to increasing customer inquiries, it has been brought to our attention that the picture showing the Linak Desk Frame 2 here in the EU shows the skids of the US skid version, where the table legs are recessed. These recessed skids, are only available for the US market. For the EU market, there are only the mounted skids, which are not retractable. In this case, the table drives are mounted directly on the skids and screwed. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to obtain the recessed skids. Also there is only the picture with the recessed runners from Linak at the moment. It is currently unclear whether there will be an updated EU image from Linak at all. Therefore, we inform you here in this blog post about this topic in detail and also keep you up to date

The electric height adjustable desk from Danish manufacturer LINAK a/s is currently the "state of the art" desk frame when it comes to electric height adjustable desks. Clear, innovative and uncluttered design characterizes the electric desk system, which won the Reddot Award in 2018.

The motor and all the wiring are completely integrated into the extendable desk crossbar. The unit is completely PVC free and is very power efficient in standby mode at 0 watts. The included Desk Panel makes operation a breeze. So you can operate the electric height-adjustable desk system via smartphone using the LINAK app and save up to 4 favorite positions.

You can have the matching desk panel cut to size on site at OBI, BAUHAUS or HORNBACH for a slim penny. But you can also retrofit your existing desk with the electric height-adjustable desk system. You can carry out this conversion in no time at all, even without any great manual skills.

Table frame electrically height adjustable

  • Desk frame (support, plate support, lifting columns stand skids and fastening screws) Electric actuator can be loaded up to 160 kg
  • LINAK control panel with full app functionality included
  • Mains cable
  • Extra large stand balls (710 mm long) for stable and safe stand
  • Optionally also available with short stand balls (560 mm)
  • 5 years warranty
  • 0 Watt in standby mode
  • PVC free
  • TÜV tested
  • available in white, aluminum or black

Do you need help with the selection?

If you need advice on the electric height adjustable desk system, we look forward to hearing from you by:
  • E-mail to sales@lineardirect.eu
  • By phone: +49 6241 305600
  • or by using the contact form

Here you will find detailed information from LinearDirect about the electric height adjustable desk system

  • max. lifting speed: 40 mm/s
  • Loadable up to 160 kg
  • Stroke 650 mm
  • Adjustable height from 65 - 125 cm
  • for desktops with a width of 120-200 cm
  • Linak Anti Collision (collision protection)
  • Soft-Start-Stop function
  • Incl. comfort control panel (DPG1C)
  • 5 years warranty
  • 0 Watt in standby
  • PVC free
  • TÜV tested

The electric height adjustable desk from LinearDirect.eu

This desk frame is unbeatable in many points!

Smart Desk control panel without extra charge

App function with memory function for up to 4 favorite positions, anti-collision is integrated ex works (LINAK collision protection), Bluetooth, digital height display on the control panel, programmable interval function.

Very stable and robust

LINAK's electric table frame can lift up to 160 kg. Here LINAK has achieved the best lifting values. Other table frames are wobbly and cannot support such a large weight. Due to the high carrying weight, the electric height adjustable desk also has the best stability values.

A rolling stone gathers no moss

Reduce stress and back problems with LinearDirect's electric height adjustable desk. You promote work efficiency through greater productivity and health.

Smart height adjustable desk

The LINAK DPG1C control panel reminds you when it's time to stand up. The visual indicator on the digital control panel lights up orange if you have been working sitting down for too long. If the control panel is green, then everything is fine. If you use the app, you can also receive reminders directly on your smartphone.

Build fitness, with the free app for the electric height-adjustable desk

Download the LINAK app for your smartphone and PC from the popular app stores. You can also download the apps directly here:

Download Linak Desk Control App here (Free)

Microsoft download iconApple StoreGoogle Play

Very good features. The best electric height adjustable desk on the market. Constantly developed for years.

Anti-collision integrated in the electric desk frame

The electric height adjustable desk is equipped with various sensors that permanently and constantly monitor the height adjustment of the desk. If something gets in the way while the desk is moving, which turns out to be an obstacle, the desk briefly hits the obstacle without pressure and then moves back in the other direction.

Clean motor and cable integration

With the electric height-adjustable desk frame, the motor and all cables needed to operate it are neatly and invisibly integrated into the desk frame and crossbar. There are no other cables to be seen except for the power cable and the connection cable of the control unit. Everything is kept very clean and stylish.

Soft Stop and Soft Start

The start-up is very smooth and without jerking. You can leave your coffee cup or glass of water on the table without hesitation. Not a drop will be missed.

Best ecological values

Linak's electric height-adjustable desk is manufactured in Denmark. The steel comes from regional production. The power consumption is absolutely minimal. In standby mode, thanks to LINAK ZERO POWER (TM), only 0 watts of power consumption has been achieved. That is vanishingly small. The Linak Desk Frame is not a China product but is Made in EU!

Assembly instructions electric height adjustable desk

Frequently asked questions about electric height adjustable desk systems

  • How is the electric height adjustable desk frame delivered?
  • Do I need to have special knowledge to operate the electric height adjustable desk?